Micro Midget Racing Dayze Exhibit!

The current BAHM exhibit, "Micro Midget Racing Dayze" is open. We look forward to many visitors— both those who experienced the history of the races, 'in the day' and those of us that are novices to the subject. Thanks to Ron Truitt, David & Shellie McGill, Kevin White and others, we have installed a fun visual display that will help invoke the memories that seem nowhere near diminished in the minds and hearts of many fans. Please visit the museum if you live in the area, help the museum continue to be relevant to our community. We are devoted every day to preserve, protect, and promote your heritage. We will soon promote a 'Round-table' micro midget history discussion. Anyone that would like to participate, please contact us at 918-338-4294. We would like to have former participants, and others who would like to be an audience will be invited with publicity, thank you!

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