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Blue Heaven

The year is 1902. A young stock handler named Fenton Pardee has just survived the train wreck that almost destroyed William F. Cody's Wild West Show. Surveying thr train's smoldering ruins, and what is left of Cody's company of stunt riders, trick shooters and stage actors--Fenton realizes that turning the West into a circus to the thrill the world is no longer thrilling for him. Salvaging a saddle horse and three pack mules, he heads into the West, seeking the reality of the Montana Rockies.

Blue Heaven marks the return of Fenton Pardee, verteran guide and packer, who figrues so memorably in High Country, Williad Wyman's highly acclaimed first novel. Now Wyman moves back in time, filling in the story of the lefendary packer re-introducing us to such colorful characters as Cody Jo, Buck, Spec, and most important, Ty Hardin, here a gangly youngster with much to learn. . .

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